Values and Traits

Recruiting Solutions, One at a Time

Values and Traits – Integrity, Rapport, Resourcefulness, Discernment, Diligence

Superior strategic and Operational Approach
Our team is dedicated to locating and placing top performing candidates with clients that value them. We are committed to strong relationship-driven approach that combines best-in-class recruiting practices and continuous support to provide an exceptional level of service to every client and candidate.

Proven People, Proven Results — Exceptional Staffing
Our top priority is delivering exceptional job candidates, not just adequate candidates who may have the requisite skills, but people who are truly the highest level performers. Our unique model and approach to staffing and placement ensure consistent high-quality matches between job seeker and employer. Our distinct recruiting and candidate assessment process differentiates from other industry recruiting solutions for both short-term/temporary employees to full-time professional hiring, we provide ideal candidates when you need them.

Intelligent Staffing Solutions
Our team will help you determine the most intelligent approach to building your team. We provide seasoned experts to help guide your organization in crafting the staffing strategy that best enables you to meet your business objectives. At any given time, we have robust candidate pools, giving employers the ability to find “just-in-time” candidates, leveraging contacts, network and social media both as a recruiting vehicle and as a way to promote the employer brand. Our proven expertise can help you:

  • Access better talent for job openings
  • Fill job vacancies quickly
  • Hire more productive employees
  • Reduce a wide range of employment costs
  • Eliminate the high cost of excess capacity
  • Leverage the expertise of skilled federal, financial, enterprise, and technical professionals
  • Pursue new business opportunities with less employment risk
  • Assess and model the skills/attributes of your company’s top resourcing needs

The Search and Selection Talent Acquisition Process
Before you choose a staffing and consulting firm, you should be comfortable with that firm’s approach and with its search and selection processes. If your recruiting firm relies exclusively on the internet or an outdated database, it is probable that you will not be able to secure the best talent available. We utilize the following in-depth and comprehensive process to conduct each search:

  • Needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development
  • In-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing
  • Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation
  • Client and candidate interview debriefs
  • Confidential reference checks
  • Counter-offer consulting
  • Offer preparation and closing
  • Client and new hire follow up