What we do
BGOV provides proven expertise in all aspects of government-related business development, contract acquisition, and contract compliance services including: opportunity evaluation, planning/management, value proposition/solicitation development, and navigation through the unique aspects of government procurement such as relevant contract acquisition strategies, compliance requirements, and protocols.

Our experience
BGOV staff has experience in both internal and external government activities that include: government business development, marketing campaign design, and procurement as well as extensive federal law enforcement which involves investigation, analysis, and investigation support experience. This combination of in-depth internal and external government experience enables BGOV to provide a unique perspective and an extensive understanding of government services and contracting expectations from both the customer and vendor aspect.

Our expertise
Once a contract is secured, BGOV provides consultant and support services, including a team of analysts and support professionals who have the requisite backgrounds, skills, and training to support the contract’s mission. BGOV provides proven strategic and tactical solutions for meeting diverse management challenges. We understand the complexity of operating across wide geographical areas and the structure and discipline demanded in managing a workforce in challenging environments.

Where we have helped
BGOV has direct experience in helping craft and execute successful business solutions for teams under contract with the: Federal Aviation Administration, United States Postal Service, Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and United States Department of Treasury. BGOV has also provided consulting services for private companies such as: BNL, Image Media Services, Adayana, and IMUA Technologies.

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